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Rods - New & Used

I have selected a range of rods suitable for standup game fishing and sport fishing - based on fine performance, value for money and finding a perfect match for a balanced rig. I am sure you will find these satisfying to use.

All new rods carry a full manufacturer’s warranty.

6 MONTH GUARANTEE of satisfaction, we will replace, repair or refund your payment if you are not satisfied within 12 months.

I provide after sales service on my products so you can have peace of mind. I also offer totally unbiased advice for your next tackle purchase.


  • Rod Williams Custom 37kg Chair Preloved
    Rod Williams Custom 37kg Chair Rod, 7ft length for Chair Use, featuring Detachable Straight Alloy Butt, Full Big foot Aftco Wind On Roller guides and Roller Tip.
    Great condition, S Glass construction with a nice parabolic Action suitable for 80lb Line Class
    We have 2 Matching rods in stock at present.
    NZ$ 999.00
    NZ$ 250.00
  • Aftco Bent Butt Chair Rod UB2 pre loved
    Aftco Bent Butt Alloy UB2 to suit chair rod with 24mm Spigot, Length OA = 680mm in good used condition. Made in USA Not ROC. Black with Gold collars.
    NZ$ 450.00
    NZ$ 250.00
  • Aftco Bent Butt Chair Rod UB4 preloved
    Aftco Bent Butt Long Radius Chair 37kg with 28mm spigot in Excellent preloved condition. 720mm length OA. Black with Gold collars
    NZ$ 450.00
    NZ$ 299.00
  • Aftco UB4 Bent Butt preloved
    Aftco Bent Butt UB4 Long Radius Chair size 28mm spigot, in very good preloved condition, Black with Gold collars. Length OA 710mm Made in USA by Aftco.
    NZ$ 450.00
    NZ$ 250.00
  • Alps Alloy Straight Butt  UB2 Preloved
    Alps Alloy Straight Butt UB2 Size spigot 24mm , suit most 24kg & 37kg Chair Rods with same spigot. Very good used condition in Black & Gold collars. We have 1 available at present, OA length 510mm
    NZ$ 250.00
    NZ$ 100.00
  • Composite Developments T Glass 37kg
    Composite Developements Redline T Glass 37kg Stand up Game Rod Preloved, Featuring Full Roller Guides and Roller Tip, Alloy Real Seat & Gimball, These are awesome Stand Up rods made in NZ when things were built to last a lifetime. 5ft 6" long in very good preloved condition.
    We have 2 Matching rods in stock at present.
    NZ$ 900.00
    NZ$ 299.00
  • Daiwa  Proceon 56HT  Preloved.
    Daiwa Proceon 56HT Deep Drop Rod & Trolling Rod, Exdemo like new, only used twice, Rated for PE 6-10 line, suitable for Braid Deep Dropping, Electric Reels and Stand Up Trolling for Marlin & Tuna. Detachable Pac Bay Alloy Bent Butt. Nice stiff Powerfull Blank. Made from Durable Tough E Glass, full ceramic guides and tip = no rollers to maintain. Awesome Rod at a Great Price. 5ft6" long for max angler power. Has a few marks on Butt. Otherwise as new.

    Only 1 in stock at this Hot Price.
    NZ$ 349.00
    NZ$ 250.00
  • Kilwell International 10KG Chair Rod Pre Loved.
    Kilwell International 10KG Chair Rod, Full Aftco Standard Roller Guides & Tip. Detachable Alloy Straight Butt, 7ft Long, suit Light Tackle Fishing , Blank is E Glass with Soft Parabolic Action , Made in NZ , this Rod was used on The Famous Te Ariki Nui by THE Legend Bill Hall. In Good Preloved Condition.
    NZ$ 750.00
    NZ$ 299.00
  • Kilwell International 15kg Chair Rod Preloved
    Kilwell International 15kg Chair Rod with Pacbay Alloy Straight butt, 6ft9" long for Chair , Full Aftco Std Rollered Guides and Roller Tip. In Excellent Used Condition. Made in NZ by Kilwell Sports Rotorua.
    NZ$ 899.00
    NZ$ 299.00
  • Kilwell International 24kg Chair Rod Preloved
    Kilwell International 24kg Chair Rod Preloved in very good condition.
    Featuring Full Big Foot Aftco Wind on Roller Guides and Tip, Detachable Pacbay Alloy Straight Butt , 7ft6' Long for Chair use.
    Made in NZ by Kilwell Sports Rotorua.
    These are late model Rods and have a stiff action so you could fish 37kg line on them as many have done.
    I have 2 of these in stock at present.
    NZ$ 999.00
    NZ$ 350.00
  • Kilwell Livefibre 37kg SU BB New
    Kilwell Livefibre 37kg Bent Butt Stand Up Fully Rollered Game Rod New. Featuring detachable UB2 Black Alloy Alps Bent Butt, Full Aftco Wind On Roller Guides & Roller Tip, True 37kg rated New Zealand made rod, Length 5ft2' for Max Angler Power.
    In stock Now.
    NZ$ 1,079.00
    NZ$ 899.00
  • Kilwell Sceptre 24kg - 37kg Chair Rod Used
    Kilwell Sceptre Chair Rod, 24kg - 37kg, in Good used condition, Featuring Heavy Duty Fuji Tri foot Guides and Aftco Wind On Roller Tip, Alloy Real Seat & Gimball. 7ft long so best suited Chair Or Land Base use. Awesome NZ made rod.
    NZ$ 500.00
    NZ$ 200.00
  • Kilwell Sceptre 37kg SU Preloved
    Kilwell Sceptre 37kg Stand Up Game Rod in very good preloved condition, featuring Fuji Tri foot guides and Aftco Roller Tip. 5ft 8" long, awesome high Quality NZ Rod made to last a lifetime.
    Alloy Gimball & HD Fuji reel seat.
    We have 2 Available at present.
    NZ$ 500.00
    NZ$ 250.00
  • Okuma Predator 24kg SU preloved
    Okuma Predator 24kg Stand Up Game Rod in excellent preloved condition, featuring Full Roller Guides and HD Alloy Reel Seat & gimball. Model PR601-1524R.
    6Ft Long so perfect for stand up game fishing.
    NZ$ 350.00
    NZ$ 150.00
  • Pacbay Alloy UB4 Bent Butt Preloved
    Pacbay Alloy Bent Butt UB4 Spigot size 28mm suits most 80lb chair rods, in very good preloved condition , Long Radius. Length OA 720mm
    Black with Gold collars
    NZ$ 399.00
    NZ$ 200.00
  • Pacbay UB4 Straight Alloy But Preloved
    Pacbay UB4 Straight Alloy Butt in very good preloved condition, suits 28mm spigot size is most 37kg chair rods. Length OA 580mm Black with Gold collars.
    NZ$ 300.00
    NZ$ 150.00
  • Penn Allegiance 111 Spin 722ML
    Penn Allegiance Spin 111 722ML, suit 6kg to 10kg braid , 2 piece for easy storage, Carbon blank, Tangle Free Fuji K guides, 7ft2" long, High Modulus Carbon Graphite Composite Blank, very sensitive action for casting soft baits around, perfect match for Penn 3500 Spinfisher or Slammer. In stock Now.
    NZ$ 175.00
    NZ$ 145.00
  • Penn Allegiance 661 Overhead
    Penn Allegiance 661 M, medium action PE 2-4 1 piece for awesome parabolic action. Carbon blank, Tangle Free Fuji K guides, 6ft6" Long, High Modulus Carbon Graphite Composite Blank, Perfect match to all overhead reels , perfect for Poseidon 50 SL and SJ overhead reels for Kaburas, inchikus, micro jigs etc.
    NZ$ 195.00
    NZ$ 155.00
  • Penn Ocean Assasin 24kg StandUp New
    Penn Ocean Assassin 24kg Stand Up Game Rod, Brand New, featuring Full Heavy Duty Fuji Ceramic Guides and Tip, Pac Bay Alloy reel seat & Alloy Straight Slick Butt. Also made from SLS composite construction, Graphite wrapped over fi-glass core, awesome light powerful Blank with plenty of lift and a sensitive tip.
    Add Matching Penn Squall 50 VSW game reel for extra $399 = Special Combo price only $599.00
    NZ$ 275.00
    NZ$ 230.00
  • Penn Ocean Assassin 37kg Fully Rollered New
    Penn Ocean Assassin 37kg Stand Up Bent Butt Game Rod, New. Featuring Full Heavy Duty Pac Bay Roller Guides & Roller Tip, Featuring Pac Bay UB4 Bent Butt to Suit 50W & 80W Reels. Featuring SLS composite construction for lightweight however very powerful Blank. Awesome Sensitive Tip with powerful blank, 5ft6" long.
    NZ$ 450.00
    NZ$ 399.00
  • Penn Ocean Assassin 802XXH New
    Penn Ocean Assassin Heavy Duty Casting popping Rod, 8ft Long, 2 pc, Super light powerful SLS3 composite construction, Fuji K Alkonite Heavy Duty Guides for no tangle casting. Rated as PE6-10
    Perfect for Gts, Kingfish , Marlin , Tuna
    Awesome Value here for fantastic Popping Rod.
    NZ$ 399.00
    NZ$ 299.00
  • Shimano Backbone Elite 24kg Preloved
    Shimano Backbone Elite 24kg - 57SU24R , featuring Full Roller Guides & Roller tip. Alloy Reel Seat & Gimball, slick Butt all in very good preloved condition. 5ft7" long so perfect for stand up game fishing.
    NZ$ 299.00
    NZ$ 100.00
  • Tica Jig King 350GR Preloved
    Tica Jig King 350gr Preloved overhead Jigging or Trolling Rod, in excellent used condition, featuring Fuji HD Trigger real seat, Alps ceramic guides & Alloy Gimball
    Short length of 5ft3' so perfect parabolic action for jigging or trolling up to 80lb line.
    NZ$ 400.00
    NZ$ 200.00
  • Ugly Stik 24kg Overhead Jig Rod
    Ugly Stik Blacktiger Boat or Jig Rod, rated to suit 24kg PE 3-PE6 line, overhead to suit jigging or trolling reels, 5ft6" long, Fuji K Guides & H/D Alloy Real seat & Gimball, fantastic Rod at a great price.
    Sorry sold out now, ships 5-7 days normally.
    NZ$ 255.00
    NZ$ 199.00
  • Ugly Stik 37kg Overhead Jig Rod New
    Ugly Stik Blacktiger Jig or Boat Rod NEW, rated to suit 37kg line, overhead to suit jigging or boat reels, 5ft6" long, Fuji K Guides & HD Fuji Real seat & trigger grip, fantastic Rod at a great price. Model 561 XXH Pe8 rated.
    Only 1 In stock now.
    NZ$ 255.00
    NZ$ 199.00


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